The Camp Wisdom Benchmarks

For those of you who care about these things, here are the pictures from my recent visits to the Camp Wisdom benchmarks.

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Click to enlarge When you see this sign, you'll know you have arrived at Camp Wisdom.

Click to enlarge The second sign should remove any doubt.

Click to enlarge Before exploring the area, be sure to check in with the people in the office.  This is private property, after all.

Click to enlarge To find the WISDOM benchmark cluster, start at the southeast corner of the main parking lot, and walk about 500 feet to the southeast.

Click to enlarge I never would have found this benchmark without GPS.  It's about 100 feet away from a dirt road, roughly 50 yards east of a cell phone tower.

Click to enlarge This mark isn't really obvious at close range, either.

Click to enlarge The sticks surrounding the mark gave it away.  But apparently it has been a while since the last professional user was here.

Click to enlarge Here it is, and here it has been since 1947.

Click to enlarge About 40 yards to the northeast (actually 37.887 meters, according to the data sheet), there is another marker called Wisdom #1.  It is next to a double power pole.  Both poles have the same number.

Click to enlarge If you weren't looking for this, you probably wouldn't notice it.  Perhaps benchmarks are designed to "keep a low profile."

Click to enlarge Here is a closer shot of Wisdom #1.

Click to enlarge About 40 yards to the north-northwest of the main mark (the data sheet says 34.845 meters) there is another marker named Wisdom #2.

Click to enlarge The final stop on the tour is the Azimuth Mark, which is about 1/8 mile east of the main mark (the data sheet says 75° bearing from the main mark), on the north side of the road.  Look for a metal post.

Click to enlarge This was once a "Witness Post", but the warning sign has been almost completely removed.

Click to enlarge Even after you find the post, you'll have to hunt for the marker, especially if it is covered with dirt.

Click to enlarge It's hidden under a bush, but it's not too hard to locate.

Click to enlarge All the markers in this group, other than the main mark, have an arrow pointing toward the main mark.

Here is another detailed description of the Wisdom benchmark.  The Camp Wisdom Triangulation Station is located at 32° 40' 20.38" N., 96° 55' 50.06" W., at an altitude of 761 feet.

Here is a place to look up every benchmark near Camp Wisdom, or substitute your own zip code.

"Happy is the man that findeth wisdom…"

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