The Beverage Antenna Memorandum

Many articles have been written about the use of the Beverage antenna for reception of relatively low-frequency signals at great distances.  A quick search of the internet will reveal web pages where such articles have been collected.

One of the most informative papers, and one of the hardest to locate, is an FCC report called "Memorandum on the Beverage Wave Antenna for Reception of Frequencies in the 550 - 1500 Kilocycle Band", FCC Report 9.2.1, by Benjamin Wolf and Adolph Andersen, dated April 1, 1958.  This report came out in the days when the Conelrad system was being developed — long before the Emergency Broadcast System — and right in the middle of the Cold War.  Under this plan, regional stations in smaller cities had to monitor clear-channel stations in major cities for the latest information, in case of a surprise attack on this country.  Thus the need for this type of directional low-noise antenna.

The authors of this memorandum describe "some of the practical problems experienced in the erection and operation of this type of antenna ... at the [FCC] Central Monitoring Station at Grand Island, Nebraska."  It is amusing to note that it was only 35 years earlier that the first description of this type of antenna was given by Beverage, Rice and Kellogg.

Anyone attempting to build and use a Beverage antenna should also study many of the more recent magazine articles, books and web pages, before construction begins.  Links to some of those articles appear on this page.

Pictures of Harold H. Beverage.

Beverage antennas and long-wire antennas.

Links to several Beverage antenna articles can be found on this page.

More information about Beverage antenna construction.

  Note:  This memorandum has been carefully transcribed into HTML format and is available here.

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